Rowntree Enterprises is a privately held, Canadian based company.  It was founded by Bryan Rowntree over 50 year ago.

Bryan Rowntree is the Chairman and CEO of Rowntree Enterprises

Bryan’s business career started modestly enough when his success in car racing brought about a career in automotive sales. His vision and pioneering spirit led him to eventually own eleven car dealerships in Toronto and Montreal.  These experiences and his success along the way, aided him in winning the coveted National Quality Award from Time Magazine for excellence in dealership operations. 

He played an integral role in the formation of the Canadian Automotive Institute at Georgian College, now the Automotive Business school of Canada. He has been on the Board for over 25 years and is a past Chairman. 

Never one to rest on his past successes, in 2004, Bryan purchased the old “Inn on the Park” hotel property in Toronto. Once again, his incredible vision led him to take a risk on this landmark piece of real estate. He would subsequently build two state of the art dealerships comprising of over 90,000 sq.ft. In addition, Rowntree Enterprises in partnership with Tridel has plans to build three modern condominium towers. 

Over the years, Bryan’s companies have raised over 3 million dollars for Centenary, North York General, Toronto Western, Toronto General, Providence Healthcare, Women’s College and Sunnybrook Hospitals.